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El miembro del área de nuevas tecnologías de LopezAbogados, Marcos López ha intervenido en la recuperación de casi 1,5 millones de dólares en monedas virtuales, a consecuencia del hackeo sufrido por el Exchange virtual chino Bter.

«I offered my services to help get the funds back and Lin accepted, so we discussed a “reasonable” price to buy the Nxt back. While the subject was wildly discussed, I had a talk with Bas Wisselink (Damelon on the Nxt forum) and Florine Oury, one of the co-founders of Crypto Finance Analysis Consulting. Both helped a lot in understanding the hacker: what kind of human was he? How to get through to him? After a while, we had a credible profile: young male, late twenties to early thirties, computer expert, very proud of his act and egocentric. From that derived our strategy to communicate with him. An anonymous web page was created (we didn’t want the action to be linked to us until the end of a possible deal with the hacker) and, at 02:00 AM CET the next day (Sunday, the 17th), I got in touch with Lin from BTer to tell him about the plan: talk to the guy the way he needed to be talked to, to bring him to send some of the money back.

Then Marcos Lopez Porto (CEO of NXT Legal), whom I needed to talk to about legal issues regarding the situation, came online. We discussed a bit then I gave him Lin’s account on Skype so he could chat directly with him. At 03:12 AM CET, Lin accepted the contact and Marcos told me he’d start chatting with him. Since I also urgently needed to talk with Lin, I asked him if he was up.» 

«We were highly successful: 85 % of the funds were returned: $1.5 million dollars worth of Nxt, a second generation virtual currency»


Dejamos una serie de enlaces en los que se desarrolla la noticia:

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